My Life

My Life
I am happily married for 38 years. We have 3 married children and 6 beautiful grandchildren.Join me as I journey through life...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our Grandson's 7th Birthday!

I've always thought that being a mom was the greatest position on earth. That is, until I became a grandma. I cannot express how much these children mean to me or how much they make my heart swell. We have 3 grandchildren and each one is unique and has a completely different temperament and personality from the others. Yet,, they are all so wonderful and special. My grandson , Evan, turned 7 this week. He wanted to invite his teacher to his party, which he did. She came and seemed to really enjoy herself. She told me , on the side, that she's taught a lot of kids over her career, but, that Evan has the best manners and is the most polite and kind child she's ever taught. She also added that he's extremely smart!. :)   I know he's very smart and I'm very proud of that, but, I'm more proud of the fact that she's noticed how kind and respectful he is. He's always aware of other's feelings. What a wonderful little boy.  I hope his personality doesn't change and he continues to be the awesome boy he is today.
Happy Birthday, Evan!

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