My Life

My Life
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

With it being so very warm today I'm surprised that I'm not having issues with vertigo.  I have had vertigo issues for many years now, but, was just recently diagnosed with BPPV and vestibular migraines. Finally , an answer!  It's difficult to feel miserable and not know why. I went to so many doctors over the years and never got a diagnosis. About 1 1/2 years ago, I ended up in the hospital with severe vertigo and had to stay for 4 days. Went home feeling as miserable as I did when I was admitted. It was just sheer luck that I had an appt. with my ENT doc a week and a half later.. He did what they call an EPLEY maneuver and sent me home in a cervical collar and bedrest with the head elevated for a couple of days .  Gradually, I finally improved. Have had to have the maneuver done once since then, but, have been ok for a few months now . I always get up from bed slowly in the morning and from any horizontal position. I'm not able to go on rides or move my head fast either. Even have to be careful at dentist and hairdresser from having head back in that position.
If anyone has issues with vertigo with no apparent cause; ask your doc to test you for BPPV.... It'll help improve your life

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