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My Life
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A new kitchen appliance

I've finally bought a pressure cooker. When we were first married we had received one as a wedding gift. I rarely, if ever, used it. My mother used one all the time... the old time kind that went on the stove and blew up every chance it got! Thats the reason I didn't use mine.. I was terrified of it. Now, 35 years later; I bought a new electric, digital one. I love it!!  Can't believe how delicious the food is that comes out of it. I'm always amazed that it's actually cooked in that short time frame. My favorite recipe is a chicken and rice dish. It's amazing... if you like that home style comfort food. Perfect when it's cold outside and the candles are burning inside. If you haven't ever tried to cook this way; give it a try. It's super fast and delicious. My husband and I were always deciding what to eat at the last minute and that's not conducive to a good healthy meal. With the pressure cooker, you can cook last minute and it's wonderful!  I find we're funning out for fast food a whole lot less than we used to.
My family teases me all the time because I have just about every appliance that's out there on the market. This one, however, is definitely a keeper! They won't laugh when they sample one of the terrific meals that comes out of that bad boy!

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